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Mathcad Intro page 1 Intro. to Mathcad This is a very brief intro to using Mathcad (originally written in Mathcad IV) by someone who is not an expert. The following assumes that you have successfully opened Mathcad. Read the commentary and see if you can reconstruct the "math" that immediate follows. The Mouse, Basic Arithmetic and Basic Editing : Using the mouse, click at any location in the blank screen. Then type 3+5= . Mathcad should immediately give you the value of 3+5 . Move to other locations either using the mouse or just pressing Enter and try some other basic arithmetic formulas, as illustrated just below. (Notes: to multiply, use the "star" symbol - shift 8; to divide, use the slash symbol, /; to raise a number to a power, use the ^ symbol - shift 6) 3 5 8 = 3 5 . 15 = 3 5 0.6 = 3 5 243 = 5 ! 120 = To modify an existing formula, just click the mouse when the cursor is inside the formula you want to change. Try it. You should get a vertical bar (If you get a "box" surrounding part of the formula, just press the down arrow a few times). Use the left and right arrow keys to move around in the formula. Add stuff by just typing it in, and remove stuff using either the delete or the backspace key. Try to figure out what the space bar and the up and down arrow keys do. Now position the cursor outside of one of your equations, hold down the left mouse button and "drag" the cursor over the equation and release the mouse button. The equation should now be surrounded by a box. You can move the contents of such a box by positioning the cursor in the box, holding down the left mouse button and dragging the box to its new location. Try it. You can also delete every thing in the box using edit / delete . edit / cut , edit / copy , and edit / paste also work on these boxes. Assigning Values and Functions A few symbols already have values assigned. Type e= . Now type control-p= (this gives you pi) (Note: the displayed precision can be changed in the Fo rmat / Number menu, and the font size for variables and constants can be changed in the Fo rmat / Equation menu) e 2.718 = π 3.142 = To assign a value to a symbol, type symbol : value . Mathcad will replace the colon, " : ", with a "set equal to" symbol, "
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Mathcad_Intro - Mathcad Intro page 1 Intro to Mathcad This...

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