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MA 460/561 9/21/2011 Howell Take Home Portion of Test I GENERAL NOTES: Due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 . This is NOT to be a team effort. Do your own work! (You may, of course, consult with the instructor.) Combine parts A and B in problem I . Part A is to write a program and part B is to use it. What you hand in should consist of the complete, documented program with the data from part B, along with the results requested in part B. In what you hand in, it should also be clear that the function and period from part B could be easily replaced with other functions and periods. In your programs, instead of trying to use the notation from the class and text for the partial sums of the various Fourier series — JÞWÞ Ò0Ó JÞGÞWÞ Ò0Ó k k R R > > , , and JÞWÞWÞ Ò0Ó k R > — go ahead and use , , and , respectively. J Rß > G Rß > W Rß > l r l r l r Be sure all graphs are and readable appropriately labeled . Also make sure that the “resolution” used in graphing is fine enough for the graph to display all relevant details (but not so fine as to take forever to complete the graph!). And look at your graphs! A major reason for these exercises is for you to see how well the partial sums are approximating the original functions, how the approximations change as more terms are added to the partial sums, etc. Document your programs! I will take off for poorly documented “programs”. I will also take off for seriously stupid things such as computing the same Fourier
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Test1_TakeHome - MA 460/561 9/21/2011 Howell Take Home...

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