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Preparing for the First Exam The test covers everything done up through “change of bases" and “volumes of hyper- parallelepipeds" ). The problems will be more (Chapter 5 in the online notes “computational” than “theoretical”, but calculators will be unnecessary. Reviewing the 1 homework would be a good idea. Know the basic terminology and notation. (But I will not ask you for “definitions”.) Expect at least one problem involving vectors as arrows from one point to another (e.g., finding the fourth point in a parallelogram, using the classic dot or cross products to find areas or volumes of geometric thingees.). Do not expect a problem such as the “Hubble’s Over the past few years, I have often had something similar to the “cones problem” (Homework Handout I ) on this test. C Know all about the traditional dot and cross products, and about vector projections F
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