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09syllabus - MAT 203 Advanced Multivariable Calculus Course...

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MAT 203. Advanced Multivariable Calculus Course Syllabus and Information, Fall 2009 This course will cover most of the material contained in the book Vector Calculus 5 th edition, by J. Marsden and A. Tromba. We will begin by studying properties of vectors, cover the basics of calculus in two and three dimensions, and finish with the theorems of Green, Gauss, and Stokes, and their applications. Topics will include differentiation of real and vector valued functions, Taylor’s formula, Lagrange multipliers, integration in two and three-dimensional space and surface and line integrals. The material provides essential tools for physics, engineering, economics, and other sciences. The course moves rapidly and will require a se- rious amount of time and effort. We advise you to read the appropriate sections before the lectures. You may find the Study Guide for Marsden and Tromba’s Vec- tor Calculus by F. Pao and F. Soon (W. H. Freeman and Co. 5 th edition, ISBN 0-7167-0528-1) useful when doing homework.
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