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Physics 105 Problem Set 4 Due: Thursday, October 15, 2009, 3 PM Reading: K&K, Chapters 4 & 6. We are skipping chapter 5, but feel free to read it; it contains some useful material. Turn this in to the Undergraduate Physics Office in Jadwin 208 by 3:00 PM on Thursday. Please NEATLY write your name and the time of your class on your homework. Our first midterm exam is Mon., Oct. 19, in class. The problems on this exam will Problem 1. Sports/power/work/food. (a) A strong human cyclist, weighing about 110 kg (including bicycle), can bicycle up a 3.1 percent grade at about 30 km/h. What is her or his power output in watts? in horsepower? (b) How does this compare to a typical human office worker climbing stairs in an office building at a rate of one floor every 20 s? (c) How many kilocalories (which are known as ”calories” in nutritional information) would you have to eat every day to sustain each of these (relatively high) levels of activity
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