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Phys105_ps6_2009 - unit vectors ˆ z pointing vertically...

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Physics 105 Problem Set 5 Due: Thursday, October 29, 2009, 3 PM to 208 Jadwin. Reading: K&K, sections 7.1-7.6, chapter 9. Chapter 9 has more than the usual density of typos, some of which are listed on the website under Course Materials/Chapters. Although there are only 3 problems here, none of them are easy, so get started early on this problem set. Problem 1. K&K, problem 6.41. Problem 2. K&K, problem 7.1. Give your answers as 3D vectors in terms of the
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Unformatted text preview: unit vectors ˆ z pointing vertically along the z-axis, ˆ ρ pointing radially along the axle, and ˆ θ pointing counter-clockwise when viewed from above, as usual. In part b, give the angular momentum about the stationary point where the axle meets the z-axis. Problem 3. K&K, problem 7.3. Assume sin β ∼ = β , but do NOT assume Lβ ¿ l . Show that β will indeed be small if ω s is large enough. 1...
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