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PS6_Solution - Problem 1 Let the length of the rod to be...

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Unformatted text preview: Problem 1 Let the length of the rod to be L=2a, mass m. Normal force from wall and ground N1, N2. At the moment when the angle between rod and ground is Θ, center of mass is at, , Differentiate, , , (1) We have x v y aθ (2) Conservation of energy, mga sinθ sinθ In which the momentum of inertia is I From (2) (3) (4), θ sinθ mv ma (4) sinθ (5) Differentiate (5), θ cosθ (6) Newton’s law, N mx (7) When rod leaves the wall, N 0 Iθ (3) From (1) (5) (6), 3sinθ So θ 2sinθ (8) arcsin sinθ (9) The rod loses contact with the wall when it’s at height of its initial height. Problem 2 Problem 3 ...
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