Anthropology Exam 2 Study Guide Answers

Anthropology Exam 2 Study Guide Answers - Anthropology...

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Anthropology Exam #2 Notes Week 7 Marriage: A union between two or more persons “The customs, rules, and obligations that establish a socially endorsed relationship between adults and children and between the kin groups of married partners” Issues surrounding marriage incest tobacco exogamy, endogamy (outside group, inside group) preferential marriages (preferred) levirate, surrogate (marries deceased brother or sisters wife or husband) monogamy, polygamy (single male/female partners, several partners) polygyny, polyandry (multiple husbands, multiple wives) arranged marriage Kinds of marriage, gifts, or services bride service: groom serves brides family (common foraging) bride wealth: grooms kin gives gifts to brides family ( common in Africa) dowry: brides family gives gifts to grooms family ( common in India) Family structures, etc nuclear family extended family neolocal (live on your own) matrilocal (live with brides family) patrilocal (live with grooms family) avunculocal (live with unless family) serial monogamy (one partner several times) “Arranged Marriage in India” Video modern brides 22 year old had an arranged marriage Guita, the 25 year old picked her own partner which is called a love marriage Unless you are in a profession, women only meet men through their family Before getting married, they compare horoscopes of the engaged couple. If their horoscopes are not a good match, they drop the wedding arrangements. Kinship (system): Relationship, rights, obligations Types Blood (genetically related) Marriage (related by marriage) Fictive (people close to you) Functions Classifies relationship Structures individual rights and obligations Regulates behavior Brief history of kinship theory Late 19 th century o Lewis Henry Morgan- A way to classify societies along an evolutionary scale
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Anthropology Exam 2 Study Guide Answers - Anthropology...

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