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annotated #2 - Ward, Adrienne. "Consumers at Odds with...

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Ward, Adrienne. "Consumers at Odds with Animal Testing; Survey finds majority oppose it on beauty aids, but respondents lack information on merits." Advertising Age 26 Feb 1990, Special Report: Pg. S-2. Print. In this article, Ward identifies the percentage of population that would be against animal tested products. “In an exclusive Advertising Age study conducted by the Gallup Organization, 60% of the 1,000 adults surveyed claim they oppose animal testing on cosmetics and toiletries, and 89% say they would purchase products that are not tested on animals” (Ward). Ward also provides statistics in regards to gender support as well as the availability of “animal tested” labels on products. Women are more likely to be opposed to animal testing but do not realize that they are the actual consumers purchasing and using products that are tested on animals. The article discusses advertising techniques by companies including Revlon that aim to convince consumers that only safe testing is
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annotated #2 - Ward, Adrienne. "Consumers at Odds with...

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