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Henderson, Keith. "Household Products and Laboratory Animal Testing." Christian Science Monitor 20 Mar 1986, Print. In this article, Henderson focuses on the aspect of searching for alternatives to animal testing. For decades detergents, cosmetics, and other everyday products have been tested on animals. The practice of testing everyday products has been sharply challenged, especially in the last five years, by groups ranging from long-established humane societies to radical animal rights units, all of which have grown in membership and influence. Because of this, Henderson states that “testing procedures once accepted as routine are being nudged into the ''unacceptable'' and even ''obsolete'' range of corporate options” (Henderson). Multiple companies have put in hundreds of thousands of dollars dedicated to finding alternatives for animal testing. The definite progress toward
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Unformatted text preview: alternatives to animal testing is finally being made. Henderson quotes McArdle stating that ''big reduction and research is holding out the hope of even greater reductions in animal testing in the future” (Henderson). This source provides reliable quotes and well cited statistics. The only issue I have with this source is that the information is outdated since it was published in 1985. However, I can still effectively use this article as a contrasting point to more current information in order to gauge progress. The author’s authority on the topic is indicated by his position as the staff writer of the Christian Science Monitor. This source works towards helping me answer my inquiry question by providing specific and accurate statistics that will be useful in determining the ethnicity of animal testing in general....
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