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annotated #4

annotated #4 - (Silke Test selection and cost-effectiveness...

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Silke, Gabbert. "Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Chemical Testing for Decision-Support: How to Include Animal Welfare?." Human & Ecological Risk Assessment. 16.3 (2010): 603-620. Print. In this article, Silke focuses on selecting a different type of animal testing due to people’s concern for the welfare of the animals. Silke states that “given the public's concern for animal welfare, test selection is a multi-objective decision problem that requires balancing information outcome, animal welfare loss, and monetary testing costs” (Silke). This article demonstrates the appropriateness of cost - effectiveness analysis as a decision - support tool for the selection of animal testing. For example, the new European chemicals legislation (REACH). “We distinguish different decision - making perspectives, in particular the regulator's and chemical industry's perspectives, and we discuss how cost - effectiveness analysis can be applied to test selection from both perspectives”
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Unformatted text preview: (Silke). Test selection and cost-effectiveness go hand in hand in which the least harmful tests are being sought out at a fair and effective cost. This article is credible due to the specific examples provided. It is also a peer reviewed source and the language seems very scientific as it uses specific terms. The article was written in 2010 so it is very recent and reliable. The author’s authority on the topic is indicated by his position in the Department of Social Sciences and Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Group. Silke also attended Wageningen University in the Netherlands. This source works towards helping me answer my inquiry question by providing me with scientific terms that can be effective in explaining the ethnicity of animal testing. The article is recent and provides useful, factual information that comes from the stakeholder positions of not only consumers, but scientists as well....
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annotated #4 - (Silke Test selection and cost-effectiveness...

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