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annotated #6 - Aziz, Tipu. "Animal research is a...

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Aziz, Tipu. "Animal research is a source of human compassion, not shame." Lancet. 364.9437 (2004): 815-816. Print. Aziz emphasizes that the use of animals in medical research and safety testing is a vital part of the mission to improve human health. It always has been and probably always will be, despite the alternatives available. Aziz mentions that “indeed, in this era of genomics and proteomics, more rather than fewer animals will be needed” (Aziz). Without animal testing, there will be no new drugs for new or hard-to-treat diseases. Animal rights activists have had many battles due to this situation, especially with that of Cambridge and Oxford University. Because of the activists, Cambridge University abandoned plans to build a primate research centre, citing the additional cost of security as too high. Work on a new animal facility at Oxford University after the construction company pulled out because it, and shareholders, were targeted. The animal rights activists took it as far as committing violent acts against staff, their homes and their cars.
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annotated #6 - Aziz, Tipu. "Animal research is a...

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