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Record of Research Entry #1 Inquiry Question: Is Animal Testing Ethical? Database: EBSCO, LexisNexis Search Terms: Animal Testing MLA Citation: Joham, Anju. "Why Animals Die to Save Humans." Age (Melbourne, Australia) 18 Sept. 1995, Education: 2. Print. Reflection: This article begins with an overall history of animal research as well as the areas of study that it’s used in. It then goes on to discuss two specific cosmetology tests called LD50 and Draize test. The article ends by addressing the effectiveness on animal testing for both humans and animals. Source Notes: -“ Normal Animal testing includes biological research, biomedical research, drug development, product testing, product extraction and educational experiments.” - Two traditional cosmetology tests are the Draize and LD50.- - “The LD50 (Lethal Dose 50 per cent) usually involves chemicals being injected in increasing amounts until 50 per cent of the animals die.”
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Unformatted text preview: - Insulin testing has proved useful in treating the 30 million world wide patients.- Testing on cattle gave rise to a vaccination that prevents “cattle plague” which killed over 200 million cattle in the 18 th century. Evaluation of Source: - The source is peer reviewed. It seems relatively factual and unbiased as it addresses both side of the argument. It also provides examples of actual tests which gives the article moderate credibility. At the same time no true source is credited so we can’t give the article to much reliability. Author’s Claim:-The author makes the claim that animal testing is often times harmful to the animals themselves. At the same time he makes known that it’s such testing does often times help humans and animals alike. The author doesn’t insert personal opinion into the essay, he more so prevents the facts of both sides of the argument....
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