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record of research entry #7

record of research entry #7 - Inquiry Question Is Animal...

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Inquiry Question: Is Animal Testing Ethical? Database: EBSCO, Academic Search Premier Search Terms: Animal, Testing, Welfare Silke, Gabbert. "Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Chemical Testing for Decision-Support: How to Include Animal Welfare?." Human & Ecological Risk Assessment. 16.3 (2010): 603-620. Print . Reflection: This article talks about selecting a different type of animal testing due to people’s concern for the welfare of the animals. Cost-effectiveness plays a big role in supplying the least harmful testing available to animals. This article was confusing because it included numerous technical terms that were difficult to make sense of. The claim is hard to decide if it is completely reliable though since little research is mentioned. Source Notes: Information outcome, animal welfare loss, and monetary testing costs must be balanced Cost effectiveness analysis Test selection example: The new European chemicals legislation (REACH)
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