assignment 2 - 2/28/11 Assignment 2 1. Allemande Yo-Yo Ma I...

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2/28/11 Assignment 2 1. “Allemande” Yo-Yo Ma I liked this first piece on the playlist because it was different from the type of music that I am usually accustomed and listening to. The cello performance in the song was impressive. One of the main reasons that I enjoyed this song was because of the difference in temp, weather it was slow and calm or faster paced. When listening, I found the stringendo and rallentando to be increasing and decreasing throughout the song. The difference in the tempo made the song interesting and was definitely not boring. As the tempo, I also felt that that the dynamics also kept the song from being dull. As the tempo sped up, the dynamics did as well and the song would slow again. Overall, I was satisfied with the piece. Classical music is good to my ears and the talent of the musicians was inspiring. 2. “Adaglo Sostenuto” Daniel Barenboim I liked this piece due to the piano instrumentals. Although I have never learned to play the piano, I grew up with it as my mom used to play. As a result, I especially admire piano pieces. The last song had more of a distinct change in tempo, but I liked the simplicity in this piece. The tempo seemed to stay consistent which made it soothing. I liked that this
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piece was subtle with the tempo, dynamics and lyrics. I liked how the
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assignment 2 - 2/28/11 Assignment 2 1. Allemande Yo-Yo Ma I...

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