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Sociology Study Guide Exam 2

Sociology Study Guide Exam 2 - SOC100 Study Guide#2...

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SOC100 Study Guide #2 Chapters 4-7 NOTE: The following is not meant to be a comprehensive review, but rather it highlights several topics/concepts you should be familiar with. Read the vignette at the beginning of each chapter. Also review the clicker questions; especially those that I spent some time discussing Ch. 4 Social Interaction in Everyday Life Social status and role - Social status: a social position that a person occupies o Ascribed o Achieved o Master Status o * look at web on page 1 - Role: Behavior expected of someone who holds a particular status o Ex: an employee at Wendys (status) is supposed to arrive at work on time, be clean, be polite to customers (role) Role conflict/role strain - Role strain: occurs when incompatible demands are built into a single status that a person occupies o * Look at web on page 2 - Role conflict: occurs when incompatible role demands are placed on a person by two or ore statuses held at the same time o * Look at web on page 3 Achieved and ascribed statuses Status set/role set Master status Construction of reality—ethnomethodology—breaking the rules - Construction of reality: the process by which people creatively shape reality through social interaction o Humor is a product of reality construction - Ethnomethodology: the study of the way people make sense of their everyday surrounding Dramaturgical analysis—front state/backstage - Dramaturgical analysis: the study of social interaction in terms of theatrical performances o Performances: front stage and back stage Front stage: how you present yourself Back stage: the way it is now Other concepts/issues—personal space, the social stare, impression management, civil inattention, function of humor, touching.
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