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engagement writing 3

engagement writing 3 - Engagement Writing 3 It was rush...

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11/18/10 Engagement Writing 3 It was “rush” week for Greek life at CSU, where nearly 500 new members waited anxiously to get their bids back. Emotions ran wild as the young women opened their cards revealing which house they got accepted to. I remember this girl specifically who was crying uncontrollably and I was there for her. I rubbed her back assuring her that everything was going to be okay and that “everything happens for a reason”. For this, I could be described as a sympathetic person. The three theories of personality can explain how I came to develop my sympathetic characteristic. The humanistic approach expresses self-actualization, where one fulfills their own potential. As a sympathetic person, I feel that by helping and being available for others, I am also reaching my own goals of becoming an overall well rounded person and having a positive self concept. The social cognitive perspective is the result of an interaction that takes place between a person and their social context. The environment in which I surrounded myself in and my
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