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9/27/10 Evaluative Thesis Paragraph Optimist vs. Pessimist Humans tend to be irrationally positive, leading to recent research suggesting that a positive mental outlook can lead to good physical health. Kliff (2007) has gathered information from several researchers in which each agree that promoting positive thinking directly links to better health. Optimistic views allows one to take control of their lives, allowing potential positive outcomes, while depression on the other hand, is linked to a sense of hopelessness. The
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Unformatted text preview: claim that a positive outlook motivates us to plan for our future and may even have an effect on our long-term physical health is rational and accurate. Studies have found that the brains of optimistic people and the brains of pessimistic people actually light up differently on scans when asked to think about emotional events. Having an optimistic outlook is a personality trait in which one can live a healthier, more successful, and happier lifestyle....
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