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4/29/11 Take-Home Required Quiz 6 Robert G. Ryder describes the husband’s “stern husband/incapable wife” marriage as the husband being bright, hardworking, ambitious, slightly boring, stereotypically masculine and that he can be deliberately un-sensitive and not understanding to his wife. His wife might have a private sorrow when she refuses to help so she hides things instead. She feels low self worth but does not want to come off as weak. Ryder’s description of the wife’s marriage, “wife as husband’s father” is that the wife is knowledgeable, logical,
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Unformatted text preview: that she steps forward in issues like insurance, she gives her husband stern support, she has the least negative attitude about sex and that she is the couple’s benevolent father. These two are equivalent to the same couple because both the husband and wife are stern, knowledgeable and they step forward in issues. They both play the “masculine role” as one is more powerful than the other....
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