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Dionysus, God of theater Dark humor Euripides Bacchae Three approaches to the play: -Portrayal of Dionysus in tragedy -Religious experience offered by Dionysus - The human and divine drama Euripides Bacchae: symbolic space The Mountain (MT. Cithaeron): nature, wilderness-offstage The city (Thebes): Civilization, law, customs- onstage Religious Experience in Euripides -Rites open to all: young and old, women and men
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Unformatted text preview: -Transformation of the self a. freedom from genre roles: women abandon household labor, men dress up as women b.Epiphanies c. Sacrifice: ritual dismemberment (sparagmos)-Madness as wisdom// wisdom as madness Euripides Bacchae Three approaches to the play:-religious experience offered by Dionysus-The human and divine drama...
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