Greek Epic Poetry - own) Troy was a historical event, for...

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Greek Epic Poetry:Homer Def: an extended poetic narrative of the deeds of gods and heroes -Oral tradition: the figure of Homer -Foundational poems: lliad and Odyssey Depository of cultural memory: Helen’s words: “We’ll be made things of song for men in the future” -Integral to Greek Culture -Basis of Western literature The “Thing of Song” A. stories of the gods: theogony, Homeric hymns B. Stories of the heroes: Hesiod’s age of heroes -The deeds of Heracles and theseus -Jason and the voyage of the Argo (Heracles, Orpheus) -The Calydonian boar hunt (Meleager, brother of Tydeus, bothe sons of Onieus) -The Theban war (Tydeus, son of Oineus) -The Trojan war (Diomedes), its antecedent and aftermath The Myth of Troy -In works and Days, the age of heroes (that of Troy) preceded the age of iron (Hesiod
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Unformatted text preview: own) Troy was a historical event, for the Greeks-People, places, and things mentioned in poem can be traced back to a much earlier time Chronology of the epic tradition: the Mycenaean age-people, places, and things match those of Mycenaean period (apex 1600bc) Major population centers: Troy, Mycenae, Pylos Object such as helmets In tablets, names such as Theseus, Achilles, Hector-Site of Troy destroyed ca 1300BC-Mycenaean centers destroyed 1200bc The Greek Dark Age 1200-800-Rise of hero cults at old Mycenaean sites The Archaic age 800-600-8 th century Writing introdueced: Homeric poems Panhellenic gatherings: first Olympic games held in 776 Age of Hesiod-7 th century: Homer quoted by Semonides and Sappho-6 th :Recitals of Homer at civic festivals at Athens...
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Greek Epic Poetry - own) Troy was a historical event, for...

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