Athena - Agamemnon Things are not what they seem deception...

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Athena -other name: Pallas Genealogy: Zeus (who swallowed Metis), Virgin Goddess Cult places and festivals (most famous): -Athens, where the panathenaia was celebrated -Field of influence: Crafts (her mother, Metis): Weaving and battle -other important attributes: “aegis bearing” “virgin” “the olive tree, the owl” Poseidon -Genealogy: Parent: Cronos and Rhea Children: many women and monstrous Consort: Amphitrite -Cult place: Isthmia (game were held) -Fields of influence: the sea, earthquakes, horses -Other important attributes: “earth-shaker,” the Homer Odyssey 1. The world outside 2. The adventures 3. The homecoming What is unique to it? Recap of these major themes of the poem: The heroic code does not work outside the battlefield Taunt of polyphemos New way to gain glory Nausicaa moment of excellence Reversals Odysseus as a captive women Major issue: homecoming Behaving like an iliadic hero will not get you home
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Unformatted text preview: Agamemnon Things are not what they seem: deception Second person narrative: Troy Kikonia Lotus Poluphemus Aiolos Laistrygonians Storytelling and its purpose-Odysseus as the consummate storyteller-Reaction of his audiend Praised by Alkinoos, king of the phaiakians 176-177 Praised of Athena 205 Guiding narrative thread: Many were they whose cities he saw, whose minds he learned of” 27 Relevence: compare to road trip plots Idea: Locate oneself or one’s own society (as an individual, as a family group, as a city, etc.) within a larger spectrum of different societies. Odysseus guiding principle: “Ah me what are the people whose land I have come to this time, and are they savage and violent, and without justice, or hospitable to strangers and with minds that are godly” What are parameters at work here? If Ithaca is at the center, how are other societies better or worse”...
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Athena - Agamemnon Things are not what they seem deception...

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