ch 3 - -Necessary and proper clause Influence the...

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Federalism and Separation of Powers in the U.S I. Federalism: defined in terms of sovereignty -Fundamental units of government in America a. national government Own power Interstate (anything impact interstate commerce) b. state government They can exercise the power without consent of national government (Result the order) 2001 federal doctor violate 1978 law…. . U.S. government can regulate the drug, but cannot interfere Intrastate II. Federalism in the Constitution -Tenth Amendment (Anti-Federal) Specific powers give to national government
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Unformatted text preview: -Necessary and proper clause Influence the power-Supremacy clause III. Conflict over the Division of Powers-The Threat of Nullification Maryland South Carolina crisis IV. The Supreme Court as Referee in Federalism Conflicts-Interstate Commerce Clause New deal & Fdr-Necessary and Proper Clause Gun to school Marijuana V. Cooperative Federalism-Categorical Grants-Block Grants Given to with few restriction VI. Local Government VII. State Government-Policy Diffusion...
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ch 3 - -Necessary and proper clause Influence the...

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