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Problem Set 10 CH 301, Dr. Sparks Gas Laws 1. You are scuba diving in a large fish tank. While you are at the bottom of the tank, you release a balloon full of air and watch it as it rises to the surface. What do you notice about the volume of the balloon? 2. What is meant by STP? What are its values? Do you need to memorize these values? 3. Sketch two containers of equal volumes, containers A and B. Both are filled with the same gas. a. Draw in the molecules (represented as circles or dots) if containers A and B have equal temperatures but container A has a higher pressure. b. Draw in the molecules if containers A and B have equal pressure, but container A has a higher temperature. 4. Sketch two containers that fit the following description: Container A has a greater number of moles than container B and both gases are at the same temperature and pressure. 5.
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Unformatted text preview: What can you say about the temperature of the gases for the following situations: a) Container A and B are of equal size and contain the same number of moles. Container B is at a higher pressure. b) Container A and B are at equal pressures. Container B contains twice as many moles of gas as container A. 6. A sample of gas has a volume of 250 mL at a pressure of 1.2 atm. What would be the volume at 1400 torr? 7. A sample of gas has a volume of 1.2 L at a temperature of 100 ⁰ C. What would be the volume at a temperature of 250 ⁰ C? 8. One mole of gas occupies 30 L and its density is 1.24 g/L at a given temperature and pressure. What is it ’ s molar mass? What is its density at STP? 9. Assuming a constant molar quantity of gas, how could you produce the following effects? a. decrease pressure b. decrease volume c. increase pressure d. increase volume...
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