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Cameron I Lancaster August 15, 2011 Homer and Langley In the novel Homer and Langley , Homer’s last words are “my brother” and his first are “I’m Homer, the blind brother.” The brotherhood that Homer and Langley share in this novel is conventional in its meaning, however it is immensely unique given the physical and psychological challenges they face. The solidarity bond they share is made clear throughout the book by Homer’s everlasting admiration of his brother. Although the world around Langley believes that he is slowly growing insane, Homer still sees Langley as the intelligent, loving brother. In my opinion, the brotherhood between Homer and Langley is conventional on the surface, such that they have the same parents and share companionship. However, as the book progresses the reader comes to understand the unique deeper brotherhood Homer and Langley share. Although they both look to each other for support, Homer’s
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Unformatted text preview: blindness makes him more reliant on Langley than vice versa. I believe that this unique relationship becomes even stronger after the deaths of their parents from the Spanish Flu. The brotherhood is unique because as Langley descends further into insanity and obsessive-compulsive behavior, Homer sees only the goodness in Langley’s bizarre actions and experiments. Homer tolerates living isolated in an apartment with tons of items Langley has hoarded, and Langley urges Homer not to regret his blindness too much. In conclusion I believe that the unity between Homer and Langley is quite unique but conventional at the same time. Since they faced blindness and mental illness in their home, these challenges required them to have an even deeper understanding of one another. In the end, I believe that the brotherhood that Homer and Langley shared allowed them to share a peaceful life together....
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