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Max Famigliettti 6925-9648 EEX3312 Internet Paper In the film documentary Darius Goes West, Darius and 11 of his friends piled into an RV and set out on a trip across America to California. However this was no ordinary road trip with a few friends, it is a tale of inspiration and of people showing their kindness. Darius Weems and his brother Mario were born with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a degenerative disease that progressively worsens with time. Mario Weems passed away at the age of 19. Darius has since outlived his brother in more ways than one. His year long road trip at the age of 19 allowed him to truly live and to see and experience things that he may never have. His friends filmed the whole trip as they stopped in numerous locations en route to the west coast. The film has won 28 film festival awards and has raised two million dollars along with an immeasurable amount of awareness for this menacing disease. When I first saw the film of this trip I was, first of all very impressed with the quality of
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Unformatted text preview: the video, especially because the filmmakers had very little experience. Secondly, I thought the idea of giving Darius the chance to experience all he did was quite amazing. I believe that all kids suffering from various diseases should be given this chance. It is important for these people, and for everyone, to get out and live life. The experiences that you get to have are of utmost importance. Not only did this trip help improve Dariuss quality of life, but it also made thousands of other lives better. The money and awareness that were generated from the trip along with the all the direct impact that was made in the various stops was something that they did not even expect. The help that they brought and inspired is truly awesome. I enjoyed the video thoroughly and I personally am now aware of this increasing destructive disease....
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