Chemistry1500.Quiz2.Summer2004 - Chemistry 1500, Summer...

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Chemistry 1500, Summer 2004, Quiz #2 - Individual Your Initials = _______ Chemistry 1500, Dr. Hunter Summer 2004 Quiz # 2 (Individual Part) Name:____________________________,________________________________ Last name First name Student Number (your social security number): ___________________________ Signature: _____________________________________ The individual portion of this quiz has one page of questions plus this title two pages. Please make sure you have all pages. Place your name (last name first) and your student number (or your Social Security number) in the spaces above and sign on the line. Initial each page of the exam in the top right hand corner so that if your exam pages get separated I can match them to you. To obtain maximum credit for each question, show your work in detail. Partial credit for questions will not be assigned if no work is shown. Indeed, no credit will be granted if complete work is not shown even for correct answers . Feel free to use pictures/diagrams to illustrate your text answers and/or to use short text explanations to explain your drawings if your pictures are ambiguous. If you have to make assumptions, etc., to complete any answers,
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Chemistry1500.Quiz2.Summer2004 - Chemistry 1500, Summer...

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