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Unformatted text preview: SC?) LU TTUNL MTH 1fl133: SAMPLES 0F QUESTION TYPES FOR TEST #1 Note these samples apply only for Section B: Prof Taylor‘s section Question 1 a) Find the domain and range of the fimction. M35} = 11' 25 — 132 “a, M ixmun inf-3132 CI Eb Mamie: m; “K ’3 LL53 (law? Lflyj anHE‘L-agmcfi xn'I: own an: szfl m tannins-ohm Es may. O Q tbs) 4: 5 b) Find the domain and range ofthe fimction g(x) = 2 + sin (x2) Sen. 3.1 *3": (’Jflfifianlg? on“ x Q“; ’52 Se.) CAD-mum 'vi 7“". Q Q ear Lent}, no.) mo Cm cfl'ruxwlrnu, woo/1 Ifmfinfirem - Sins at) we“ skim-.15; Ln saw -tsnms‘yr CL 00.9 x, (1,11. c) Petennine whether the foilowinzg fdhctions are Even, odd or neither, 1) 3111 {1ij (xiii) , 11) 1+ x+x , 111) 111(1 +x) . Gold; at“ n um nan geek-chi : a“ka —. -s~.ln(ii. ii New ‘. if 93(1) :1 +>¢+Rll 830*?! = ‘1‘}: :31? [H fir) I'm». (New?) '- I“ {New Sin-Q {HQ-3'3] B"- i—Hn - Question 2 Consider the fimction fix) = x3. Explain whyr this is a 1:1 fimction'? Find f'{x) and sketch plots of both fix) and fix) for -2 E x E 2, showing any points of intersection. For what ranges of x is f 1(x) 31* fix)? . , iit‘-LYM 1-: x x 65} an} in GA 13" faw'tém Sm 1‘1 "*4 fixihflifm' “11an [manic-ML) - ’s {Harwm‘l 1m, noB. if 313‘s; film at: ‘> “a. . Louver nuah creams-n) I if " I {11.1. "" “KL/1. 1g; Egfliéssk flwanvli. in tag: . 1 .— _.> “11:35. 141% 1,, 7' (in) Question 3 {No calculators need to be used for this question) a) What are the exact values of i) h1( lie) ii) e 2|an 1 _ r. 13mm lulU‘U gmmiywmm :, m «Le. b) Sketch the curve 3; = cos x for O E x E it. 1What is the range of this fimction? "What are the exact values of i) cos'IUNZ) ii) cos'1(-1N2) — i.e deteiniined without using your calculator. l N1 any-sac, "vs ill; ‘1 93M. 16% “5-K SWMMQ‘H ‘f Guano. I Question-4 ‘5" (ll-“1h. bum the (“they a? sung , Consider the filnctions y = cos (UK) and y = it cos (lfx). Draw a rough Sketch of both fimctions for - 1h: '53 x *3 Us: and discuss the limits of each function as x —>{}. Question 5 * D“ ' ' i' - L :1) Gave the PRECISE (a, M) defimtmn of the statement that IL“; f0“) " . (31in qut ‘3.)0 fl Eat-Ami 6% Qufl NEUCM W Rflu‘gqed wany l LwB-Hdir- b) IF they exist, detemfine each ofthe limits '1‘} lim sin(x) and lim sinfl f x). 1—30 JC—HO '0 Ac- u—Em , Em («A ummm R Gfitumthfi Law -1 wet "*‘L in: m Rum-L3: Ew‘m‘rs ,_ w-H '5‘ I . l t 5 L) H» \‘Ut Emmi—h} j Sim-est. 1:32:31: D Gianna; ELM [031 m. km m“ can [35% a k—"Ir‘m m “at mm 1R {WWI {QM [mui‘r m 1?me know mm W flame gain a“? rem] ' i” If flak-3.39;“ N "L a wen-M mfiuw Thu 1R. flwhfix rQ flu}? Sum-c _r-_______#__._#_—-a Sfiwe, fl'a‘ NEW ‘thMl val‘fifiqufflufiwml “£3. hula, IQ; Yam 9m wli“ 39.x oxufihnm can K. danda‘M-EA tin aw. M ...
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  • Spring '11
  • hameedmmirza
  • CI Eb Mamie, Prof Taylor‘s section, Lflyj anHE‘L-agmcfi xn'I, um nan geek-chi, SWMMQ‘H ‘f Guano

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SampleT1_Solutions - SC LU TTUNL MTH 1fl133 SAMPLES 0F...

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