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__________ PREVIEW ________________ Name and student number (print clearly) MATH1013A 3.0 Test no. 1 Preview F2011 Time: 45 minutes Value:100 No calculators or written material allowed. Attempt as many questions as you please. Maximum is 100. Marks are indicated for each question or part thereof. Part marks will be awarded for relevant and correct intermediate work. Do not hand in additional sheets. If you write overleaf, material will be ignored unless you clearly indicate that this material should be taken into consideration. [Note: This is a preview only. Other topics than those indicated below may appear in the actual test. There will be four questions. Hence 25 marks per question. You will be asked to sign in. You will need your York photo ID. Please arrive on time. Test will start promptly – at or near 09:33.] (Marks) (25) Q. (10) a) Consider the function f(x)=such.and.such. Determine its domain and range. (15) b) Work out the inverse of f(x). Determine the domain and range of f " 1 ( x ) .
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