04Jan_1 - Biological Science I Tuesdays and Thursdays...

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Biological Science I Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00-9:15, HCB 102 Wednesdays 5:15-6:15, KIN 1024 04 January 2010 – Lecture 1 THEMES IN THE STUDY OF LIFE 1. New properties emerge at each level in the biological hierarchy a. Life can be studied at different levels from molecules to the entire living planet b. The study of life can be divided into different levels of biological organization 2. Emergent Properties a. Emergent properties result from the arrangement and interaction of parts within a system b. Emergent properties characterize nonbiological entities as well b.i. A functioning bicycle emerges only when all of the necessary parts connect in the correct way b.ii. Ringo Starr emerges as one of the most influential melodic drummers in rock history when connected with John, Paul, and George in the correct way 3. The Power and Limitations of Reductionism a. Reductionism is the reduction of complex systems to simpler components that are more manageable to study a.i. For example, the molecular structure of DNA b. An understanding of biology balances reductionism with the study of emergent properties b.i. For example, new understanding comes from studying the interactions of DNA with other molecules 4. Systems Biology a. A system is a combination of components that function together b. Systems biology constructs models for the dynamic behavior of whole biological systems c. The systems approach poses questions such as:
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04Jan_1 - Biological Science I Tuesdays and Thursdays...

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