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Green Design Project The name of our group’s high school is called Abbey Road High School. Since the population of our high school, Panther Creek High School, has reached its limit and is still growing rapidly, we picked the school’s location just south of Panther Creek High School in Morrisville Parkway, Cary. The parkway is near highway 55 and Carpenter Road. It will take about ten minutes to drive from Panther Creek High School to Abbey Road High School. Students from Panther Creek High School will be transferred, so the population stress on Panther Creek will be relieved. Our group has decided that we are going to build our green design school from scratch and we are going to use all recyclable materials to build it. Also, we planed to build a trail call Abbey Road that will connect the nearest neighborhood to the high school. The trail will enable and encourage the students to walk and bike to the school, thus reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide released from driving cars. Abbey Road High School’s overall area will be about 270,000 square feet. Inside our green school, there will be about eighty class rooms, including eighteen science rooms, ten sets of girl’s and boy’s restrooms, one cafeteria, one media center, one auditorium, twenty teacher’s office rooms, a band room and a gymnasium. The teachers’ office rooms will be built in a separate building because the teachers need a quite place to do their work. The gymnasium is also in a separate building because the local residents can come to our school to work out without entering the school. We are also going to have a water fall in the teacher’s office that will be about six feet tall. The water fall will enhance the feng-shui and improve the indoor image of our school. It also creates a relaxing sensation that will reduce the stress students and faculties experience during work. The classrooms will be arranged in a diamond shaped build and the center will be hollow with glass screens. Inside the hollow, there will be a garden that will create a nice scene. Also, we are going to have a revolving door with a turbine that will generate electricity when students push it. Some extraneous facts about our school are that our school’s mascot will be the eagle, our school’s color will be gold and black, and our school’s population is going to be two thousand. Our group’s goal is to build Abbey Road High School as silver LEED rated school; however, in the designing and planning of constructing the school, we have surpassed the silver rating and we are now rated with a platinum LEED rating according to our LEED rating person.
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To be rated as silver, we only needed around thirty-five point, but to be rated as platinum, we need at least a fifty-eight point. We surpassed our original goal by about twice of much of the
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Green_Design_Project - Green Design Project The name of our...

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