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The_Effect_of_Temperature_on_Seed_Germination - The Effect...

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The Effect of Temperature on Seed Germination Julia Nan 9/20/07 Biology Honors Period: 4
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Background This investigation is about how the changes in temperature may affect the rate of seed germination. Seed germination varies greatly through out the year. In winter, few seeds can germinate, while in spring and summer almost all seeds germinate. Is temperature the factor that causes seed germination to decrease in winter, or are there other factors that cause the germination to decrease? This lab uses radish seeds, water and paper towel to simulate seed germination in natural environment. Investigating the relationships of temperature with germination helps us to know when the best time is to grow plants. Hypothesis Seed germination involves in a series of chemical reaction for substance metabolism and enzyme activities, which can only react in warm temperature, but not cold temperature. So, if radish seeds are placed under cold temperatures, then the rate
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The_Effect_of_Temperature_on_Seed_Germination - The Effect...

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