What is that yucky green stuff in the water

What is that yucky green stuff in the water - Nan 1 Julia...

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Nan 1 Julia Nan Mrs. Barkes AP Biology 1 January 2010 Algae as Biodiesel- Best Way to Generate Energy “Look at that yucky green stuff in the water? Ewww! ” Remember those hot summer days, when the pond in your backyard would be covered with grotesque patches of green slimy algae, and how you would be frustrating over bottles of algaecides trying to decimate those annoying pond scum? Yucky and unwanted they might have been seen in the pond, algae are truly miracle plants that will one day benefit the humankind. With the growing issues of the depleting resources and skyrocketing price of traditional forms of fuel such as petroleum and coal, urgent plans for new mediums of fuel are desired. The green microscopic algae might at once seem insignificant, but these tiny organisms in the water can generate energy that is powerful enough to power cars and jet airplanes. Algae have been used to do many beneficial things for mankind, and the most useful one that has been a research of the century which is their use of creating biodiesel, a fuel made from plant oils that can be used in a conventional diesel engine. Using algae in biodiesel is the next big step up in making the earth a cleaner and greener place. Now, how could a plant that cannot even be easily seen with the naked eye create so much fuel for human use? Like all plants, an alga consumes carbon dioxide and water from its habitat and converts them into glucose and oxygen using the catabolic process of photosynthesis. The end product glucose is then metabolized by the organism into lipid (oil) which composes
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What is that yucky green stuff in the water - Nan 1 Julia...

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