H Chemistry Syllabus Fall 08

H Chemistry Syllabus Fall 08 - 1Welcome to Honors...

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1Welcome to Honors Chemistry! Mr. Geoff Bowman ( gbowman2@wcpss.net ) Mrs. Cara Karra ( ckarra@wcpss.net ) Mr. Chip Shea ( mshea1@wcpss.net ) Mr. Isaac Rockoff ( irockoff@wcpss.net ) The chemistry course encourages students to continue their investigation of the structure of matter along with chemical reactions and the conservation of energy in these reactions. Inquiry is applied to the study of the transformation, composition, structure, and properties of substances. The course focuses on basic chemical concepts and incorporates activities that promote investigations to reinforce the concepts. Availability : Tutoring schedule is based on the SMART lunch schedule posted in the classroom! Email is always available and often checked before and after hours . Materials: 2” Binder, tabbed dividers, loose-leaf paper only, writing utensils (blue/black ink or pencil), and textbook. A scientific calculator is indispensable; graphing calculators are handy but not required. Colored pencils/markers and highlighters are strongly recommended. Grades : Grading Scale: A:100-93% B:92-85% C:84-77% D:76-70% F:69% or below Assignments fall into one of these categories and are weighted accordingly: Semester: Labs 25% Final Grade: 1 st Quarter 37.5% Homework/In-class work 15% 2 nd Quarter 37.5% Tests Quizzes 60% Final Exam 25.0% Make-up Work : It is the responsibility of the student to make up all missed work. If class is missed for any reason, students should obtain handouts and notes from Blackboard and/or classmates. If the student is absent one to three days, he/she will have one day for each absence to complete the missing work, including tests and quizzes. Subsequent absences will have two days each for
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H Chemistry Syllabus Fall 08 - 1Welcome to Honors...

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