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Unit 1: Measurement and “the Basics” Chemistry : study of matter, its composition, structure, properties,  and changes Scientific research : logical search for knowledge Technology : using knowledge to make and use products to  improve our quality of life The Scientific Method : a logical series of steps used to solve  problems 1) State the ________ 2) Gather background ___________ 3) Form a __________ 4) Conduct a controlled __________ that tests the  hypothesis 5) Collect, record, and analyze ____ 6) Draw ___________ 7) Revise and ______ as needed Terms to know: hypothesis : testable prediction, “educated guess” variable : factor being tested; two types- independent  Chip Shea 1 11/5/2011
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(manipulated) and dependent (responding) control : standard of comparison, responds to the experiment  in a predictable manner constant : factor that is kept the same between two (or more)  trials data : information gathered from the experiment; two types-  quantitative (measurements, numbers) and qualitative  (descriptions, words) observation : fact perceived with the senses inference : conclusions based on observations model : representation of an abstract idea
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notes1 - Unit1: MeasurementandtheBasics

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