Collapse of Ancient Civilizations

Collapse of Ancient Civilizations - Julia Nan Mrs Little...

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Julia Nan Mrs. Little Per: 3 Collapse of Ancient Civilizations Deforestation, mining, overusing water, and massive killing of animal are common activities existing in the modern world. As people continue the overuse of Earth’s natural resources, the Earth’s resources will be depleted and they will no longer be able to support life on the planet. Environmental problems are the biggest problem that can effect an advanced civilization. In the past, many of the smaller advanced civilizations have collapsed due to the natural resource depletion. The most significant ones are the island civilization of Easter Island the Prehistory Malta Island civilization, and the famous Maya civilization. They were like the smaller scale of our world, and they reflected what will happen if we continues on what we are doing to the natural resources right now. First of all, the small island, Easter Island, is a Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, at the southeastern most point of the Polynesian triangle. It is about 2000 miles from the main South America land thus making it one of the world's most isolated inhabited islands. The island was first inhabited by people who sailed the ocean from Hawaii, and the population was relatively small. These first settlers were able to sustain life though sea birds, rats, nuts, and fish. The soil was very fertile and the food and the resources were abundant. Life was pretty good on the island, and the population grew exponentially overtime. As the result of the population growth, people needed more natural resources to support their life. They cut down more and more trees for house and fire, and they killed more and more animals to feast on. The palm trees once flourish on the Easter Island, now have disappeared completely. Shrubs and small short trees also decreased in number and were finally replaced by abundant amount of grass patches. Adding to the extinction of the plants on the Easter Island, native animals which had once roamed the land also began to disappear. Every species of native land bird became extinct. Even shellfish were overexploited, until people had to settle for small sea snails instead of larger cowries. Porpoise population decreased abruptly overtime. The colonies of more than half of the seabird species breeding on Easter or on its offshore islets were wiped out. In the same time of the natural resource depletion, Easter Islanders thought that god was angry at them so he took away all the food and woods from them. As a tribute to the good, they built the famous Moai statues. The Moai are hundreds of statues of heads that are carved out of stone and weighs hundreds of tons. The Moai stands in the coast of the Easter Island, but the stone used for carving these statues were from inner Easter Island. Scientist today had no idea how they were moved so far away from the innermost island to the coast,
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Collapse of Ancient Civilizations - Julia Nan Mrs Little...

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