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recycle story - Julia Nan 10/23/08 Per: 3 Mrs. Little State...

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Julia Nan 10/23/08 Per: 3 Mrs. Little State Fair On one sunny Sunday morning of October, I went to the amazing and fun North Carolina State Fair to volunteer. I volunteered at the Dolton recycling booth, a separate booth from the Green NC organization. The manager of all the recycling volunteers gave me a super cool t- shirt and a super cool cap that says” Soy Biodiesel” on it. He then gave me instructions on what I will do today. My job was to inform people on recycling, and to remind them to recycle. There was another lady at the booth, and she was volunteering with me. Her name is Lindsey and she is an adult. Lindsey and I unzipped the big tent that will be the booth, rolled out the big green recycling bin, and pull out all the materials that we needed. There were recycling stickers, tattoo, and bottle opener key chains, a lot of information pamphlets on recycling, and two stacks of Green NC ID cards. The recycling stickers and tattoos were for kids who recycled, and the bottle opener key chain were for adults who recycled and participated in the survey. The most amazing things I found were the pencil that were made out of recycled newspapers; I have never thought of so many things people could make out of recycled papers. The instructor then gave us a stack survey sheets paper, and there were about five questions on it. The survey asked about people’s age, gender, their free time activities, and their knowledge on recycling. The manager said that we have to go on the street and ask people to fill them out, and then reward them with the bottle opener key chains. After Lindsey and I set up all the materials, we waited at the booth. Swarms of people big
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recycle story - Julia Nan 10/23/08 Per: 3 Mrs. Little State...

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