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Works Cited "Algae Biofuels Of The Future." Alternative Energy News . Web. 26 Jan. 2010. <>. "Algae: the Future of Biofuels? Advantages of Algae Biofuel." Renewable Energy Sources - Photovoltaic, Geothermal, Wind etc. Web. 27 Jan. 2010. < biofuels-advantages-of-algae-biofuel/>. "HowStuffWorks "What Makes Biodiesel From Algae So Exciting?"" Howstuffworks "Science" Web. 11 Jan. 2010. <
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Unformatted text preview: biodiesel1.htm&gt;. &quot;Is Algae the Biofuel of the Future?: Scientific American.&quot; Science News, Articles and Information | Scientific American . Web. 11 Jan. 2010. &lt;;page=2&gt;. &quot;NASA Grows Algae for Biofuel, Treats Waste: Discovery News.&quot; Discovery Channel : Science, History, Space, Tech, Sharks, News . Web. 11 Jan. 2010. &lt;;....
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