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10 questions are you ready to be an entrepreneur be

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Unformatted text preview: o you feel about providing service to others? 4. How persistent are you? 5. What is your hands­on quotient? 10 Questions: Are you ready to be an entrepreneur? be 6. What is your level of acceptance of other people? 7. How flexible are you? 8. How do you feel about business? 10 Questions: Are you ready to be an entrepreneur? be 9. How well do you handle conflict? 10. How is your sense of humor? The Entrepreneurial Process The Business Opportunity Resources Entrepreneurial Team Business Opportunity Business More than a good idea Market with a defined customer base Potential for lasting growth Resources Resources Finances Assets Personnel Capital requirement Business plan Entrepreneurial Team Entrepreneurial Leader must be the anchor – Trains faster & better than the competition – Deals with adversity – Is dependable – Is honest – Builds an entrepreneurial culture Entrepreneurial Team Entrepreneurial Must be a group with integrity Capable of developing and applyin...
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