Chapter 16 E Hospitality

Chapter 16 e hospitality

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Unformatted text preview: E-Hospitality: Technology in the Hospitality Industry Hospitality Chapter 16 E-Hospitality E-Hospitality The term used to reflect all aspects of technology in the hospitality industry today Affects every segment of the industry Positively influences organizational performance and customer satisfaction Technology in Hospitality Technology Use of high­tech equipment to speed up operations, coordinate activities, and secure properties Hotels have programmed key cards and property management systems Restaurants have systems to speed up ordering and check and credit card operations. Technology in Hospitality Technology Internet has changed the way people shop, explore their options and make reservations Web sites are a necessity Technology in Hospitality Technology Web sites must • • • • • Be accessible Have good content quality Be well­structured (organized) Be easy to navigate (user friendly) Have complete information Technology in Hospitality Technology E­Commerce: • Process of using the Internet to a establish a direct distribution channel • Third party Web sites • Allows companies to work directly with Customers Suppliers Partners Technology in Hospitality Technology Third Party Web sites • Orbitz, Travelocity, Priceline • 25% of the on­line market • Competition...
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