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Chapter 20 Resort Operations & Management

Hotels resorts resortscatertorepeatguestsnew

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Unformatted text preview: ssential to the resort’s success Recreation and relaxation offerings are plentiful Resorts vs. Hotels Resorts Seasonality impacts resorts Average stay is longer at resorts Resort guestrooms tend to be larger Resorts occupy more land due to large # of recreational aspects Resort guests are sophisticated consumers and have high expectations of service and quality Resorts vs. Hotels Resorts Resorts cater to repeat guests; new offerings must be created to keep the experience fresh Resorts may be the primary employer especially in remote locations Resorts, especially those with timeshare units, can be sold prior to development The organizational structure of a resort is similar to that of hotels resort Organized along functional lines Resorts have an additional department handling recreational and activity planning The three types of spas are: Resort spa Amenity Spa Destination Spa Resort spa The r...
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