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Unformatted text preview: Industry Industry Associations and Ratings Chapter 4 What is an Industry What is an Industry Association? A professional organization that provides: – Member training and education – Opportunities for networking – Member recognition and support – Promotion of specific industries to the public – Legislative updates – Industry trends and updates Legislative Issues Legislative Issues Associations serve a critical need as they not only keep their members informed of pending legislation that may impact their industry Associations serve as the “voice” of the industry in Washington, DC Examples: – The American Gaming Association – National Indian Gaming Association Large Hospitality Associations Large Hospitality Associations National Restaurant Association – Periodicals, trends, and more – Largest restaurant trade show held each May in Chicago American Hotel & Lodging Association – Training opportunities, in­depth research and more – Largest hotel trade show held usually in November in New York City Segments within the hospitality industry are also represented by specific/smaller associations There are many smaller associations There are many smaller associations that cater to segments Organized also by geographic regions How to Find Relevant Associations How to Find Relevant Associations Encyclopedia of Associations – Available in libraries – Find associations relevant to your interests – Searchable by topics Industry Associations Industry Associations Governing documents – Help associations run smoothly Mission statement By­laws Vision statement Mission Statement Mission Statement Statement of purpose Guide for the activities of the organization Developed by the membership or governing board By­Laws By­Laws Rules that govern the association’s actions Developed and adopted internally by the members May be amended to meet the needs of the association Vision Statement Vision Statement Umbrella statement about the association Where the association sees itself in the context of the industry (broader than a mission statement) May include goals of where the association sees itself in the future Why join an industry association? Networking It is THAT important It is To gain a competitive advantage in your chosen hospitality career path Other Benefits of Joining an Other Benefits of Joining an Association Educational seminars, annual meetings, newsletters, web sites for industry information and trends Student chapters Leadership opportunities Fosters a senses of belonging in a large and diverse industry Food Associations Food Associations National Restaurant Association American Dietetic Association American Culinary Association American Association of Wine and Food International Food Service Executives Association Catering and Institutional Management Association Lodging Associations Lodging Associations American Hotel and Lodging Association International Hotel Association International Executive Housekeepers’ Association Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International Travel and Tourism Travel and Tourism Associations Tourism Industry Association of America World Tourism Organization (Specialized agency of the United Nations) Travel and Tourism Research Association Destination Marketing Association International National Tour Association American Association of Travel Agents Specific Segment Associations Specific Segment Associations Club Managers Association of America Meeting Professionals International Council of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education American Bed and Breakfast Association And many more! Hotel and Restaurant Hotel and Restaurant Rating Systems 1. American Automobile Association 2. Mobile Travel Guide Use professionally trained inspectors Based on a system of standards and guidelines Help consumers make decisions about where to dine and stay American Automobile Association American Automobile Association Uses a classification that awards diamonds Five­diamond award is highest award Less than ½ of one percent receive the five­diamond rating each year Trend is for more restaurants than hotels to receive five­diamond award annually Americans are becoming more enlightened diners Mobile Travel Guide Mobile Travel Guide Uses stars to designate quality Five­star award indicates a world­class dining or lodging experience ...
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