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1 Comparison of Quality Philosophies Comparison of Quality Philosophies Unit 5 Marisol Elizabeth IT301 Project Management I Professor: James Marion
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2 Comparison of Quality Philosophies Many organizations today focus on quality and competition, but know that an emphasis on quality improves overall productivity and reduces costs. This was not always the case, business people used to think just the opposite; that quality costs. As a result organizations emphasized productivity at the expense of quality and began to lose many of customers as competition increased. W. Edwards Deming is best known for leading Japanese businesses on the course that has made them leaders in quality and productivity throughout the world. Deming has a theory, that “The Customer is King” and is the most important part of the production system and believed that without a consumer, there is no reason to produce. A product can technically sound and cheap but if it is the wrong product then it will be worthless to the customer. It is important to be ahead of the consumer’s current and future in order to continue to meet the customer’s definition of quality among other competitors. W. Edwards Deming suggested that as much as 85 percent of the cost of quality is a management problem. Once the quality issue has hit the floor, or the worker level, the workers have little control. He also proposed that workers cannot figure out quality on their own and nor cannot perform at their best. He believed that workers need to be shown what acceptable quality is and that they need to be made to understand that quality and continuous improvement are necessary elements of any organization( The quality policy is part of the organizational process assets input. It’s a guideline published by executive management that describes what quality policies should be adopted for projects the
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Elizabeth.Marisol.UNIT5.Project.IT301.doc - 1 Comparison of...

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