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Chem0330-LabScheduleFall-2011-1 - yes Experiment 3 Report...

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Chem0330 Laboratory Schedule Fall 2011 Lab Room Assignments will be posted on the window outside MacMillan 205 (*You need to attend the prelab lecture once a week on or before your lab day) Dates Assignments Weekly assignments and announcements posted on MyCourse on every Friday at 4:00 pm Pre-lab Lecture M,Tu,W, Th Assignment Due September 12-16 Read the Introduction (MyCourses) and Safety Section in Lab Manual yes ------ September 19-23 Check-in, Experiment 1 How can eleven colorless solutions be chemically identified? yes Pre-laboratory Questions for Expt. 1 September 26-30 Experiment 2 What Chemical Species Control the Conductivity of Aqueous Solutions? yes Experiment 1 Report October 3-7 Experiment 3 How Can Solubility be Used to Determine Thermodynamic Values of KNO 3 ? yes Experiment 2 Report October 10-14 Holiday No Holiday October 17-21 Experiment 4 What is the Equilibrium Constant for a Cobalt (II) Complex in Alcohol Solvents at Various Temperatures?
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Unformatted text preview: yes Experiment 3 Report October 24-28 Experiment 5 What Chemical Species Control the pH of Solutions? yes Experiment 4 Report October 31-November 4 Experiment 6 How Can Titration Curves be Used to Identify Different Types of Acid? yes Experiment 5 Report November 7-11 Experiment 7 How Are Electrons Used to Electroplate and Generate Chemical Reactions? (check Mycourse for the new addition to the experiment 7) yes Experiment 6 Report November 14-18 Experiment 8 How Do Certain Factors Affect the Rate of a Chemical Reaction? yes Experiment 7 Report November 21 only Experiment 9, Make-up Chemical Reaction and Stoichiometry: Which Method of Recovering Product from a Precipitation Reaction gives a More Accurate Results? 11/21 only No regular lab Report due on the same day November 28-December 2 Check-out, notebook grading & quiz NO Experiment 8 Report...
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