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IntroChem0330%20Fall-2011 - Chemistry 0330 INTRODUCTION...

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Chemistry 0330 i I N T R O D U C T I O N Chemistry 0330 Laboratory Fall 2011 Dr. Li-Qiong Wang Office: Geochem 337 Office phone: 401-863-2844 Email: [email protected] BEFORE THE LABORATORY Required materials All students must have the following items: 1) Brown University Chemistry 0330 Laboratory Manual, Fall 2010 edition, ISBN: 1111721378 2) Laboratory notebook, must produce copies 3) Safety goggles 4) Lab apron 5) Black permanent marker 6) USB flash drive Chemistry 0330 lab on MyCourses Pictures of glassware and equipment can be viewed. Additional materials are posted on MyCourses. Check the MyCourses site on a regular basis and before attending your scheduled lab period. Pre-laboratory lecture Each student attends the laboratory for one afternoon each week. On Monday through Thursday, there will be a pre-laboratory lecture in Macmillan 115 from 12:00pm to 12:50pm the latest. Since the same pre-laboratory lecture is repeated on those days, you are free to attend any day before or on your scheduled lab day. Laboratory technique and procedure will be emphasized, but the background and calculations will also be covered. For some of the labs, new technology and concepts that relate to our current experiments will be introduced. However, since time is limited, a highly detailed discussion will not always be possible. This approach works well if you
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Chemistry 0330 ii come prepared. The pre-laboratory lecture is not the time to meet the material for the first time or to write the outline. The laboratory sessions are scheduled for either 1:00 or 2:00 and last about four hours. You will be in a section of 17 or 18 students, supervised by a teaching assistant. All laboratory sessions are in Macmillan 201, 205, or 209 as assigned. Please note that the labs are therefore directly upstairs from Starr Auditorium. The Chemistry 0330 labs are not held in the Geochem building. Laboratory notebook The laboratory notebook must be prepared in advance of each laboratory period and each student must keep an original notebook. Sharing of notebooks or using another student’s notebook from a previous semester is not permitted and is a violation of the Academic Code. Complete the table of contents on a weekly basis. For each experiment, begin by writing the purpose of the experiment and the safety precautions. You may want to divide each page vertically in half using the heavy line in the middle, write the procedure on one side of the page, and reserve the other side of the page for recording data and observations that correlate to steps in the procedure. It is best to keep your lab notebook very neat and organized. The example below shows the general outline of the notebook. During the actual laboratory experiment, the laboratory manual can be used. All data must be recorded in ink in the notebook.
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