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1 Product 2 Why 3 Name 4 Logo 5 Business Customs 6 Trade Barriers 7 Map ACK Rice and Soybean Exporters We chose the name ACK rice and soybean exporters because it incorporated all of our names into our product and then the name of the product itself. Our product is rice and soybeans. Rice Background: Rice is probably the most important grain in regards to human nutrition and caloric intake. Rice provides more than one fifth of the calories consumed worldwide by the human species. Rice is a good source of protein and a staple food in many parts of the world. Rice cultivation is well-suited to countries and regions with low labor costs and high rainfall, as it is very labor- intensive to cultivate and requires plenty of water cultivation. Rice can be grown practically anywhere, even on a steep hill or mountain. Centuries of rice trade and exportation have made it commonplace in many cultures worldwide. Rice is normally grown as an annual plant, although in tropical areas it can survive as a perennial and can produce a ratoon crop for up to thirty years. Rice arrived in the United States in 1694 in the state of colonial South Carolina and Georgia, probably originating from Madagascar. Great wealth was established from the slave labor obtained from the Senegambia area of West Africa and from coastal Sierra Leone. At the port of Charleston, through which 40% of all American Slave imports passed, slaves from this region of Africa brought the highest prices, in recognition of their prior knowledge of rice culture, which was put to use on the many rice plantations around Georgetown, Charleston, and Savannah. From the slaves, plantation owners learned how to dyke the marshes and periodically flood fields. Soybeans Background: Soybeans are an important global crop, providing oil and protein. In the United States, the bulk of the crop has its oil solvent – extracted with hexane, then the toasted defatted soy meal (50% protein) makes possible the raising of farm animals examples, chickens, hogs, and turkeys, on an industrial scale never before seen in human history. A very small proportion of the crop is consumed by humans. Soybeans do appear in a large variety of processed foods. Soybeans are considered by many agencies to be a source of complete protein. A complete protein is one that contains significant amounts of all the essential amino acids that must be provided to the human body because of the body’s inability to synthesize them. For this Business Customs Cara M Cole 1
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reason soy is a good source of protein, amongst many others, for vegetarians and vegans or for people who want to reduce the amount of meat they eat. Soy protein products can be good substitutes for animal products because, unlike some other beans, soy offers a complete protein profile. During World War II, soybeans became important in both North America and in Europe chiefly as substitutes for other protein foods and as a source of edible oil. It was during World War II that the soybean was discovered as fertilizer by the United States Department of
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business customs - 1 Product 2 Why 3 Name 4 Logo 5 Business...

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