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Mexperience Mexican Business Customs & Practice: An Aide Memoir Highlights from the article on Business Center about Business Customs and Practice in Mexico Business Hours: Offices: 8am to 6pm (Lunch between 2pm and 3-4pm) Factories: Hours to suit operations, some on 24x7 shifts Banks: 9am to 5pm (most banks) 8am to 7pm (Large branches in main cities), some larger branches open Saturday mornings. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Meal Expenses – Generally paid by the person doing the selling – splitting the bill is not customary and indeed, often frowned upon. Also read the Mexperience Travel Essentials guide for advice on Tipping in Mexico – an important element of your bill. Breakfast – Between 9 and 11 am. Detailed negotiations take place over breakfast. Lunch – Main meal of the day – can last 2-3 hours. Lunches are events where concepts and ideas discussed and deals closed once the detail has been agreed. Specifics and details are generally left to breakfast and other meetings. Dinner
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BusinessCustomsFactsheet-Mexperience - Mexperience...

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