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HEALTH CARE HUMAN RESOURCE PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEW Lauren M. Salinas Grand Canyon University: HCA 545 June 23, 2020
Human Resource Functions: Human resource specialist is responsible for many things in the organization. Such as hiring, employee relations, payroll, benefits and much more. Human resource also manages plan, direct, and coordinate the organization The health care organization I chose was Hemet Valley Medical Center a 327-bed hospital. Hemet Medical center was founded in 1943 and is fully accredited Serves as the largest facility in San Jacinto operated by KPC Health care, inc. Supports and maintain full range specialty services for inpatient and outpatient
Shannon Dunlap is the human resource specialist at Hemet Valley for the past 7 years. Benefits, employee relations and risk management are topics we went over for HV medical center. Shannon has expressed that the components of HV medical center benefits of practice and clinical perfection. Patient focused care that is of great importance in quality care. Hemet valley human resource evaluates risk by reducing patient and staff injury. Shannon works proactively to minimize the incidents that could take place. “the performance and the benefits the system can deliver depend largely upon the knowledge, skills and motivation of those individuals responsible for delivering health services” ( Kabene, S. M 2006)