The Perfection Era - The Perfection Era By: Brandon Hunter...

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The Perfection Era By: Brandon Hunter 10/30/2011 His/115 The eighteenth century was a time when many colonists where migrating south and west in pursuit of a better life. During this time of expansion many settlers found themselves far from the churches that they were used to attending on Sunday’s. Because of this many new churches were built and congregations were formed to provide worship and a place to voice their opinions about issues that they dealt with and also and also to the spread of Enlightenment ideas that valued the questioning of religious dogma. Because of the Enlightenment push many religious beliefs that were once thought of as true were now being brought into question (Heyrman, n.d.). Many church leaders were worried about the fact that religion was now being questioned and sent the clergyman began to open schools were they could attempt to revive the wisdoms of religion in the new lands (Heyrman, n.d.). Following the Great Awakening Movement was the idea of democracy. Perfectionism was the idea of strong spiritual conversion which was the idea of a strong political society that believed in equality for all. Perfectionism went against the norms of society that women and African-American slaves were not equal to men. The new Perfectionism movement provided many women and African Americans opportunities that they did not have before. Churches became a place where women and African Americans were able to voice their opinions on
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The Perfection Era - The Perfection Era By: Brandon Hunter...

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