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Week Three Checkpoint By: Brandon Hunter HIS/115 10/01/2011 This image is portraying the American colonist tar and feathering the British taxman who enforced the new taxes that were to help the English empire recover from the Seven Years War in order to protect the colonies from attack by Indians and other countries from attacking them and taking control of the land. The image shows the colonies fighting back against these unfair taxes. The taxman is portrayed as tar and feather while being forced to drink some sort of liquid which I believe to be tea while the attackers are holding him down and smiling at his dismay. The tree in the background I believe says that the colonies want to be free of unfair taxes and
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Unformatted text preview: interference from the English empire. The Ships in the background represent the Boston Tea Party which was one of the major acts of defiance towards the new taxes and ultimately lead to the American Revolution. This image relates to the growing rift between the colonies and English because it symbolizes that the colonist are not happy with the way they are being treated by not having a say in what taxes are levied on them by the English parliament and that they will fight back by humiliating the taxmen and boycott English goods that come into the harbor....
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